At the heart of Los Angeles’s allure are the rich art forms from Leimert Park.  A lifetime spokesman for the rap innovations of the area, Busdriver is the time-tested jazzman of LA hiphop. His signature choppy rap style and dense writing are summed with an outlandish personality that has gone a long way in setting and re-setting the rulebook for rap in an historically explosive scene.

Coming up in the ranks in the Project Blowed era and putting out records on influential labels like Ninjatune, Epitaph and more, Busdriver was seated as the creative director of Hellfyre Club during its years of assent in 2013 & 2014. His latest album, Thumbs, is an uncompromising as ever, blending his leftist views with the rich musical backdrop of his frequent collaborators. The ambition and rawness in his new material paired with weight of his resume show that there is no one in the rap world quite like Busdriver.

Hat: The Movie, his first collection of poetry, and the first 7" from his new musical project, Still Friends, will be released on Honor Press in the spring of 2016.